I'll never wash my hand again

"Fandom has always been a wonderful way to live in the moment and to learn more about my identity; I was introduced to emotions I had never experienced before."


'I’ll Never Wash My Hand Again' is my tribute to fan fever. I remember being seven years old and looking up to idols as if they were superheroes. I was enchanted by their strength and fun; they were the role models that provided entertainment and were, as strange as it sounds, essential for my personal development. Now that the prefrontal cortex of my brain has stopped developing in my mid twenties, I’m having trouble experiencing it the same way. I wish I could shamelessly drown myself in fandom the way I did when I was young…

Fan expo in Melkweg Expo 

Fan expo in Melkweg Expo 

THE FULL PROJECT & PUBLICATION designed by Fieke Wegdam was on view at KABK's Graduation Festival, Theater aan het Spui in the Hague and the Melkweg Expo in Amsterdam.

Prints (66x50 cm) and publication are for sale.